The different models

If you are still unsure, It's best to watch our video in which our founder Floko explains the different models-

Our models are divided into 5 categories: DIY - SPORT - CITY - PRO - XXL 

The DIY, SPORT and PRO models all have the same frame size and drawbar length. They are designed for sports equipment up to a length of 14' (427 cm). However, transported goods with a length of up to 5 meters can also be reached with a few simple steps and tricks.

In contrast to the models mentioned above, the CITY model has a shorter drawbar and is therefore more manoeuvrable and ideal for transports and shopping in the city. But you can also easily transport shorter surfing equipment. 

The reacha XXL - as the name suggests, has a frame that is 30 cm longer and 10 cm wider than the other models. The XXL can take on larger boats (canoes, two-seaters, folding boats, fishing kayaks, etc.) over 5 meters.

reacha DIY
available in 3 different versions without tires and without loading handle (bow):
- city - regular frame with drawbar of the CITY model
- sport - regular frame with drawbar of the SPORT model
- xxl - XXL frame and drawbar
You can find more detailed information on the product page.

reacha CITY
available with 3 different wheel sets including side stands:
- compact 20 "= 20" x 2.00 
- street 24 "= 24" x 2.00
- beach 20 "fat = 20" fat bike x 4.00
You can find more detailed information on the product page.

reacha SPORT
available with 3 different wheel sets including 1 loading handle (bow):
- compact 20 "= 20" x 2.00 
- street 24 "= 24" x 2.00
- beach 20 "fat = 20" fat bike x 4.00
You can find more detailed information on the product page.

reacha PRO
26 ”Fatbike x 4.00 tires with stainless steel ball bearings including black or white powder-coated aluminum side walls - can be printed as advertising space.
You can find more detailed information on the product page.

reacha XXL
available with 3 different wheel sets including 2 loading bars (bows):
- compact 20 "= 20" x 2.00
- street 24 "= 24" x 2.00
- beach 20 "fat = 20" fat bike x 4.00
You can find more detailed information on the product page.

Since the reacha is used as a handcart by many customers, the Bike Connector is only available as a equipment to obtain.

The frame of each reacha is the same size. With the width adjustment of the mainframe, the length of the drawbar must always be adjusted.
Here you can find all dimensions of the reacha models and our accessories. in the various settings. You can find a video where we show how to adjust the reacha in our Video gallery.

The reacha DIY is offered as a “blank”, so to speak. This variant enables the upcycling of old bicycle tires, as well as the selection of accessories as required. 

In our reacha modular plug-in system range, we have 2 different frame sizes and 2 different drawbar lengths, which we find in the DIY category without tires and without accessories to offer:

reacha DIY sport - standard frame + drawbar SPORT; designed for sports equipment up to 14' (427 cm) 

reacha DIY city - standard frame + shortened drawbars; for significantly better maneuverability in the city or in shopping centers, beverage stores, hardware stores, etc.

reacha DIY xxl - XXL frame (30 cm more width and 10 cm more length) + drawbar SPORT, for large objects with more than 5 m.

The reacha wheel mounts are designed for front wheels with a hub width of 100mm, a minimum diameter of 20 "and a maximum diameter of 28". The width of the tires must not exceed 4.0 ".

No tools are required to assemble or disassemble the reacha.

If accessories (bow / bike connector) are purchased directly with the first order, all accessories will arrive at you already assembled.

If you buy accessories (Bow / Bike Connector) at a later date, you don't need more than an Allen key to mount it on the reacha.

To be on the safe side, every step is described in our operating instructions.

Our reacha is not a product from industrial mass production!

The heart of our reacha, the frame, is handmade in small series in Upper Bavaria. The high-strength and anodised aluminium tubes from Belgian production are given their final shape by our partner in the Rosenheim area using a special process. Due to this deliberately chosen production sequence, there may be slight cloudiness of the coating or slight traces of processing on the surface of the tubes.

Further down the supply chain, we have decided on a storage and transport concept that is almost packaging-free. In the end, we were able to reduce the volume of plastic film by 90% and cardboard boxes by more than 50%.

We use the remaining packaging several times in rotation and are gradually switching to sustainably produced cardboard packaging. This conscious decision may also lead to slight surface damage.

It is important for us to point out that these aspects do not affect the function or durability of our product. More than 1000 satisfied customers are living proof. 

Bicycle trailer

When using the trolley as a bicycle trailer, the lighting must be retrofitted in accordance with the laws and rules of road traffic of the respective country in which it is used. We also include four DIN-certified reflectors with mounting clips with every bike connector.
When driving in the evening, in the dark or in tunnels, you may have to install a self-illuminating light.
Please make sure that you comply with the applicable road traffic regulations in your country with the installation before you use the trailer in traffic.

In order to use the reacha as a bicycle trailer, we offer the so-called. Bike connector as an optional accessory. Our founder Floko shows how the assembly on the bike works in our Video gallery.

You should plan about 5cm for the Velcro tape on the seat post.

If the combination of very deep seat post clamp and luggage rack does not actually work, you would have to mount the bike connector under the saddle and then attach the 2nd narrow loop to the saddle rod.

However, this only works if the reacha is not loaded with its maximum weight.

The Multicharger will unfortunately not work with our Bike Connector as the luggage rack is very long, especially on these models.

If you're unsure, take a look at our article on e-bikes or just send us a mail hello@reacha.de

Unfortunately no. The bike connector, which serves as a hitch for the trailer is not approved for S-Pedelecs up to 45 km/h. The reacha is therefore not approved as a trailer for S-Pedelecs.

The dismountability of the reacha is a key feature of our product. The reacha was manufactured this way and the dismountability is a key feature for many customers

The two frame side parts are firmly screwed and can only be opened with tools.

Through these frame parts and the wheels, you put a long cable lock that then connects to the bike or a tree / post. That way the reacha can be protected against theft.

What can be transported?

Our original model of reacha SPORT was designed for SUP boards with a length of up to 14' (approx. 427 cm). Larger objects also fit on the reacha XXL. We recommend a maximum load of 35 kg when used as a bicycle trailer and a maximum load of 60 kg when used as a handcart.

In 2021 we not only found a solution for the city, but also for our enthusiastic anglers and canoeists friends. The reacha XXL is the right partner for the transport of your canoes, double-seaters, folding boats and fishing kayaks. 

Of course, larger boats are also wider, so we have lengthened the reacha XXL by 30cm and made it 10cm wider than all of our other models.  

If you want to convert your reacha XXL into a bicycle trailer, nothing stands in your way technically in this regard.

Yes, if the reacha at least with one Bow Is provided. At each reacha max. two such side loading bars can be attached. Some of our models come with one or even two bows included.

The advantage of fixing the sports equipment upright on the reacha is that the reacha remains in its minimum width and is therefore more relaxed to maneuver and move in traffic.

The reacha strap consists of two textile straps, which are connected with a buckle. To attach the tie-down strap, disconnect the buckle from each other and attach both components of the strap at the most appropriate tube position for your load.
After attaching the two strap components to the preferred frame/bow position, you can load your equipment and clip it together with the buckle. Then tighten the tensioning strap.

Online shop & shipping

As a small company, we do not (yet) offer shipping to all countries outside Europe. We therefore only accept billing and shipping addresses in EU countries and, from 2021, to Switzerland.

We are trying to include further EU third countries and other continents in our customer segment. However, this will only take place when we can meet our knowledge and the demand of additional customers from the capacity of the availability in a healthy and professional manner.

However, there were already some customers from EU third countries who use the customs service / border shops and place orders through these portals. There are different types of border shops, you can not only deposit the goods there, but some even offer customs clearance and shipping to your own address in the “non-EU country”.

Other customers have acquaintances / friends close to the border and have the parcels sent there and, if necessary, are cleared customs themselves when they are imported into their home country.

As we are a transparent small business, we do not include our shipping costs in our products.

Large companies sometimes offer their customers free shipping, but here the shipping costs are included in the prices already given. Due to the enormous ordering behavior of online customers, these companies could not afford the free shipping either, but want to convince the buyer with the free shipping and give the feeling of having an advantage. However, this is not correct.

We try to keep the transport routes of our high-quality materials very short and do most of our assembly ourselves in our warehouse. We are very proud of this. We cannot and do not want to hide the costs for packaging / shipping in our product prices.

We have also decided to go with it DHL Go Green to be sent climate-neutralto further minimize our footprint.

We have special cardboard boxes produced for shipping our reacha to protect your trailer.

This cardboard box also falls under the bulky goods segment and has the maximum dimensions of DHL. For other suppliers, a bulky goods surcharge would be charged for this.

After placing and paying for the order in our online shop, you will immediately receive an automatic email from our ordering system.
It is possible that this email ends up in your spam folder, so please also check this folder.

At the beginning of your order you will receive an order confirmation by email. When we prepare your package for shipping, you will receive the invoice for your purchase by email as well as a tracking number with which you can track your package.

If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder.

When we prepare your package for shipping, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number from DHL.

Here you can track your package and also tell DHL how and where you want your package to be delivered.

If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder, our automatic notification may have landed there.

If you noticed that you forgot something with your order, no problem at all.

As long as you have not yet received an email in which we have prepared the shipment, we can add your accessories to your order.

Please place another order directly in our online shop and then write us an email or give us a call.

We will try to fit the parts you ordered (Bike Connector / Bow) with the original order.

You can find an overview of our shipping costs here.

Please note that the prices on our website are exclusive of shipping costs. The shipping costs are only calculated at checkout, depending on what you have ordered and whether we ship within or outside of Germany.

Express shipments are unfortunately not possible.

We are headquartered in Munich, but our warehouse is a little further away from Munich.

Unfortunately, logistically and also from an ecological point of view, it makes no sense to transport individual reacha packages to our head office in Munich.

Collection is therefore not possible.

For some geographies we offer purchase on account using the payment service provider Klarna as a payment method offered during check out. You can find more information about Klarna Pay Later here.

You will shortly receive instructions on how to complete your payment. You can manage all your payments via Klarna.com or in the Klarna app and even pay with just one click. In case of problems with your delivery you can use the "report a problem" functionality in the app to snooze your payment and avoid reminders.
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