reacha WEBER

Developed in cooperation with Weber Technik GmbH, the reacha WEBER can be connected to any Weber trailer hitch. This brings flexibility, a small turning circle and a small pack size. Not recommended for manual operation and long transport goods (>1.5m).

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reacha X Weber

Again and again we had requests for a connection of our reacha trailers to the bicycle rear axle instead of the bicycle saddle. So we sat down with Weber Technik and developed the reacha WEBER drawbar.
The big difference to our other reacha models is that with the reacha WEBER the use as a bicycle trailer is in the foreground. If you do not have to transport objects of more than 1.5m and perhaps already have a Weber hitch mounted on your bike, the reacha WEBER is a faithful companion. Thanks to its low and short drawbar, it is smooth-running, has a small turning circle and does not take up much space even when dismantled.
Like all reacha trolleys, the reacha WEBER can be dismantled in just a few minutes thanks to snap locks and is modularly expandable. You can, for example, equip it with additional loading brackets (bow) to transport goods upright. You can find out which wheel set is the right one for you below. We also offer the reacha WEBER in a d.i.y. version. version if you still have old front tyres.

reacha X Weber

Again and again we had requests for a connection of our reacha trailers to the bicycle rear axle instead of the bicycle saddle. So we sat down with Weber Technik and developed the reacha WEBER drawbar.

Parts inlcuded

➀  1x reacha aluminium frame
➁  1x WEBER draw bar
➂  [trunk] = 1x textile trunk / [platform] = 1x loading plaform / [naked] = 0x load compartment
➃  [compact] = 1x wheel set 20" / [street] = 1x wheel set  24" / [beach] = 1x wheel set 20" fatbike / [d.i.y.] = 0x wheel set
☝  Bike Connector, side bows and other accessories are not included in the scope of delivery

Variant Weight
trunk | compact 20" 7.99 kg
trunk | street 24" 8.47 kg
trunk | beach 20" fat 10.59 kg
trunk | d.i.y. 5.1 kg
platform | compact 20" 10.06 kg
platform | street 24" 10.54 kg
platform | beach 20" fat 12.66 kg
platform | d.i.y. 7.17 kg
naked | compact 20" 6.95 kg
naked | street 24" 7.43 kg
naked | beach 20" fat 9.55 kg
naked | d.i.y. 4.06 kg
  • Only in the narrowest setting is the reacha WEBER pulled centrally behind the bicycle. In wider settings, the reacha runs offset to the left of the centre.
  • We recommend a maximum load of 35 kg when used as a bicycle trailer and a maximum load of 60 kg when used as a hand trailer.
  • Due to the special aluminium manufacturing process and because we keep packaging waste low in our storage and shipping process, there may be slight impairments to the surfaces of the components. Function and durability of our product are not affected.
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Different wheelsets

Choose from three different wheel sets:

compact 20" | for low weight and small pack size

street 24" | for concrete and long distances

beach 20" fat | for off-road and on sand

You can see more detailed information in the table.

trunk ou platform

There is no either or

Size Chart
Size Chart


  • creates storage space beneath the frame
  • allowing a bag with accessories such as a wetsuit, etc. to be tucked under the board
  • holds the individual parts of the reacha together when disassembled by wrapping the trunk around it
  • has a lower weight than the platform (1040g vs 2960g)
  • can be expanded to full width, but the corners are not closed, so small items cannot be transported loosely in the trunk


  • stable surface for transporting heavier items with smaller dimensions than surfboards, e.g. beer crates, dog boxes, etc.
  • has recesses for securing items with straps or expanders
  • can be equipped with side walls so that small items do not fall out
  • reacha remains width-adjustable, allowing narrow items such as a SUP to be transported upright on both sides
  • special CDF wood is suitable for outdoor use and can withstand wind and weather

Frequently asked questions

Which trailer hitch from Weber Technik is the right one for you depends largely on the design of your bike. We therefore only offer the Weber E hitch as an optional accessory in our shop. It fits in most cases, but please inform yourself on the Weber Technik homepage or with your bicycle mechanic which Weber hitch is the right one for you.

Everything up to 1.5m fits well on the reacha WEBER. For longer objects we recommend the reacha SPORT with the longer sport drawbar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Reacha City & Weber

Très content de mes 2 remorques Reacha (City & Weber)
Pour l'instant j'utilise beaucoup la City avec le Bike Connector sur la tige de selle de mon VAE. Elle me sert de remorque cargo. Très stable avec les roues 24".
J'utiliserais la Weber sur une autre vélo, mieux adapté avec ce type d'attache.
L'installation de 2 Bow covers est nécessaire pour le bon maintien des colis.

Die eierlegende Wollmichsau

Läuft super am Rad. Auch als Handwagen macht der Reacha eine klasse Figur. Egal ob Board, Kids Bike, Strand, Grünschnitt, Altglas, Holz oder einfach der Großeinkauf für die Family ... Ein Allrounder für ALLES. Mit Bike Connector sehr flexibel und ohne großen Montageaufwand startklar. Alternativ gibt es die Weber Kupplung + die passende Reacha Deichsel. Er lässt sich super einfach für die Mitnahme auf Reisen zerlegen. Ein durchdachter Lastenträger, der für uns mittlerweile einfach zur Familie gehört;o)