reacha is more than just a bicycle trailer. A modular system, made of high-quality materials, manufactured in Germany. A trailer for many use-cases. A trailer for sports enthusiasts, adventurers and families.

Our models

Overview of reacha bike trailers for transporting SUP, kayak, windsurf, surfboards, boats, wing foil and more.
Overview of reacha bike trailers for transporting SUP, kayak, windsurf, surfboards, boats, wing foil and more.
Bicycle trailer for SUP at a favourable set price
Bicycle trailer for SUP at a favourable set price

What our customers say

Fahrradanhänger am Lastenfahrrad beladen mit Kanu


"Setting up is child's play"

reacha Fahrradanhänger transportiert Kanus


"Car-free life even easier"

reacha Fahrradanhänger transportiert Surfbretter am Strand


"Worth every penny"

Handwagen für Angler-Boote


"The versatility is just awesome"


"The jack of all trades"

What the pros say

Discover the features

Bike trailer for Wing Foil

By hand and by bike

reacha was equally designed as a hand cart and a bicycle trailer. The shape of the frame and the drawbar have been chosen so that you can also pull the loaded trailer comfortably and for longer distances in manual mode. With the optionally available Bike Connector, you can turn the handcart into a bicycle trailer. Thanks to the snap lock, coupling and uncoupling is very easy and requires no tools.

Adjustable length

By using the snap locks, the reacha SPORT drawbar can be pulled out and extended at any time. In addition, the Bike Connector 2.0 can also be extended in itself.

Light and stable

By using high-quality anodised aluminium tubes from Belgium we can keep the weight down while at the same time ensuring maximum stability.

In addition, we have reduced plastic to the bare minimum during development. For the remaining plastic parts we use so-called "injected carbon", which mainly comes from recycled carbon fibre from aviation. It is particularly stable and durable.

Made in Germany

"Everything is coming from China anyway! And they want so much money for that!" we unfortunately hear again and again from people who come into contact with our advertising on social media but don't bother to actually look into reacha. By now we can proudly claim that 85% of reacha is produced in Europe. Finally, all the parts come together at our premises in Tegernsee. There, the last parts are assembled, everything is checked and then packed and shipped. You can get a detailed insight into our supply chain below.

Width adjustable

Every reacha frame can be adjusted in width by means of the snap locks without any tools.

Modular design

Using the snap locks, each reacha is modularly expandable. No matter whether you need an additional loading bar, a second drawbar or a different loading area. In just a few steps and without tools, you have converted your reacha and made it ready for other purposes.

Bicycle trailer transports kayak

By hand and by bike

The best of both worlds,
optimally balanced,
disconnect or attach it to your bike in seconds.

Lightweight but strong

A light and stable snaplock system,
made of anodised aluminium
and carbon reinforced plastic parts.

SUP Adventure on the Rhine
Dismountable bicycle trailer is transported on kayak

Adjustable & Collapsible

Adjustable in length and width,
disassembles or assembles within minutes,
no tools needed.

Modular Design

Change wheels at any time,
swap the draw bars
or attach other accessories.

Camping with SUP Bicycle Trailer in Greece
Kayak tour with bike through the Alps

Fabriqué en Allemagne

85% of the components sourced from the EU,
our goal is 100% production in the EU
and everything is assembled and packaged by us in Bavaria.

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