EARLY SEASON SALE - 10% off everything *

EARLY SEASON SALE - 10% off everything

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

A boat trailer for the bicycle? reacha has four hand or bike trailer kayak trailers in the range, which are ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts who prefer to cycle emission-free to the nearest lake or river. Each model can transport a kayak up to 4 to 5 metres long. Depending on the distance - road or terrain - , the length of the tour (days, weeks) as well as personal preferences - e-bike, racing bike, etc. - the choice of the right bicycle trailer is different.

How many kilometers are realistic? Or in other words: When is it worthwhile to transport kayaks by car? Probably not, if you live near a lake or river that is conveniently located for kayaking anyway. It might be different if you own a van or bus, but with a standard 5-seater kayak transport is at least complicated - in most cases you would probably need a special device on the roof.
Couldn't a more practicable solution then be to connect a suitable bike trailer onto a mountain bike, racing bike, e-bike, trekking bike or city bike and ride it directly to the lakeshore - instead of fighting for one of the last parking spaces and dragging the heavy boat to the edge of the water? In most cases it will not be possible to drive to the shore by car. With a bicycle the chances are much better. And at the same time you relieve the environment, save your nerves and save a lot of time.

The advantages of kayak reacha trailers at a glance

easy to assemble and disassemble without tools
hand-held and bike trailerusable
adjustable in length and width
low weight thanks to aluminium frame
also suitable for other outdoor sports equipment (besides kayaks)
Inflatable kayaks can be transported even when inflated
Loading up to 35 kg (bicycle) or 60 kg (hand) possible
resistant against rust and salt wate

Small pack size - for longer tours

Actually some partners share their travel reports with us, especially when one of our reacha trailers was on the road for several days (or even weeks) at a time. Excursionists who go on longer kayak tours, for example, and who inevitably encounter water-poor spots, locks or other obstacles and therefore often have to transport their kayak (or other luggage) on land, prefer a trailer with a small packing size, which ideally can be quickly assembled and disassembled.
For this purpose the reacha SPORT compact 20" with its small packing size (120 x 60 x 30 cm) is the ideal bicycle or hand trailer. And thanks to its lightweight aluminium frame, small 20" tyres and a simple plug-in system, the compact trailer is easy to dismantle and can also be transported by kayak to save space. With a maximum load of up to 40 kg, it also bike trailer has the necessary stability.

Bicycle trailer with small pack size

Stability - depending on application

But: In terms of stability, the reacha PRO then at least get a little off the other two kayak supporters reacha SPORT compact 20", reacha SPORT beach 20" fat and reacha SPORT street 24". The reacha PRO is primarily aimed at business customers, e.g. kayak schools or hotels with their own water sports equipment for rental. Therefore the reacha PRO - is the only reacha-trailer - equipped with stable aluminium side walls. Thus, for example, with the reacha PRO also transport several inflatable kayaks. Equipped with fatbike tyres the reacha PRO can be used on the road as well as on any other terrain.

Bicycle trailers for companies

Rolling smoothly - depending on surface and tyres

Also the reacha SPORT beach 20" fat and the reacha SPORT street 24" consist of a stable (and very light) aluminium frame and can transport a kayak up to a maximum length of 4.5 metres on their textile loading areas. The main difference lies in the tyres.

The reacha SPORT street 24" is supplied with 20" tyres: this kayak trailer thus maintains its smoothness even at higher speeds and is therefore more suitable for cyclists who mainly travel on asphalt roads. In particular racing cyclists or e-bikers, who are sometimes faster on the road, will find the reacha SPORT street 24" her ideal companion.

bike trailer

It’s different with the reacha SPORT beach 20" fat. Thanks to its Fatbike tires, this bike trailer kayak can be pulled effortlessly through any dirt road or sand and is primarily aimed at cyclists who are more likely to be off-road and need to transport their kayak over sand or gravel. As a stainless steel trailer, which (like all reacha models) can even withstand salt water, the reacha SPORT beach 20" fat weather and rust resistant and thus maintains its smooth running on any surface.

Fahrradanhänger für den Strand

Transporting a kayak on a bicycle trailer with a mountain bike

High flexibility - thanks to modular lightweight construction

Basically all of the reacha hand and bike trailer hand are geared to the needs of kayakers. Every reacha-trailer is flexibly adjustable in length and width so that thinner, smaller or medium-sized boats can be transported as well as wider, larger kayaks up to 4.5 metres (18 feet) long. In addition, the kayak trailers are reacha quick and easy to assemble and disassemble - without any tools - and easy to store.
The plug-in system made of lightweight aluminium tubes with snap locks reduces the weight to a minimum with maximum stability. With the bicycle, the manufacturers recommend a maximum load up to 35 kg - completely sufficient for any standard kayak -, but hand towed kayaks are also allowed to carry up to 60 kg on the hand trailer.

The modular plug-in system also allows accessories to be added later, such as extra loading bows.

Regional production = higher costs?

First of all, all kayak trailers are pulled by reacha hand. Only with the bike connector kayakers can easily connect the trailer to their bicycle or seat post. And where most manufacturers of bicycle trailers have their products manufactured cheaply in China or other Asian countries, all aluminium components of the reacha trailers are produced regionally in Rosenheim. In this way, the founders of the company want to promote regional producers as well as avoid CO2-intensive transport and especially questionable production conditions on the other.

The plastic used is mainly from recycled material from the aircraft industry. This of course has an effect on the costs or the price. On the other hand, the products guarantee high quality and longevity, true to the motto "if you buy cheap, you buy twice". The rust-resistant reacha trailers are almost indestructible and guarantee a long life.


Undoubtedly, these bike trailers for kayaks from reacha are a real alternative: Instead of transporting the kayak (or the inflatable kayaks) by car, you connect your reacha-model to the saddle rod on the bike, jump on the saddle and drive directly to the nearest shore - without having to look for a parking space. Owners of inflatable kayaks thus have the great advantage of not having to inflate their kayak every time on site.

Especially the loading platforms adjustable in width and length are convincing in practice, as the transport area can be reduced and increased depending on the application - flexibly according to individual requirements. The entire assembly and disassembly is very simple and can be carried out without tools. Kayakers who do not live directly on the water, who can store their kayaks close to the shore and who want to transport their water sports equipment regularly to different places, will find a sustainable and regional produced companion with the reacha-models - qualitatively processed, versatile and made in Germany.

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What our customers say


Five stars

The assembly was a breeze. In no time coupled to my cargo bike, strapped the 3.17m long kayak on it and drove through the city traffic to the water: Easy!


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß