In the past you could meet Mario and Manuel Stecher at the Isar-Welle in Munich while surfing. Today, you are more likely to encounter the extreme sportsmen and women who successfully market themselves under the name "Stecher Twins" on Bavarian television, which has reported on the adventurous records of the two twin brothers from Kaufbeuren on several occasions. They themselves also have a filmed a video about their tour to the Vilsalpsee with one bike trailer of reacha.

"On longer trips, physical fitness is less important than the inner dog! You have to prepare yourself for the fact that it will hurt, that you will go through pain, that you will have to go beyond your limits - and if you succeed, then you are already halfway there". (Mario Stecher in an interview with Sat 1 Bavaria on 06.07.2017.)

A short visit to the homepage of the Stecher Twins is enough to convince yourself that Mario and Manuel Stecher like to go "wilder" sometimes. On the other hand, their tour to the Vilsalpsee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Tyrol, was almost a recreational trip.

That's the beauty of the  Bicycle trailers from reacha: they can be used for relaxed excursions into the countryside, but also as companions on extreme tours, such as the  Travelogue of Thomas Oschwald shows.

A dream of a lake

Whoever enters the nature reserve Vilsalpsee, on the other hand, is not so much looking for a sporty kick as for shallow pleasure and some relaxation in the midst of a (for Central Europe rare) species-rich flora and fauna. Apart from the Vilsalpsee, which is known for its crystal-clear water, which in good weather reflects the surroundings in picturesque shades of blue, there are also three smaller mountain lakes at higher altitudes in the surrounding mountains.

Thus the Vilsalpsee is also popular with tourists as a starting point for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. And although it is a nature reserve, you can also use your SUP on the Vilsalpsee and explore the deep blue lake for yourself.

Two standup paddlers on the remote Tyrolean lake Vilsalpsee

The Tiroler Vilsalpsee is reward enough for the "strains" of the journey

Most excursionists start - also due to good parking facilities - in Tannheim. From there you can easily cover the four kilometres to Vilsalpsee on foot or by bike. The Stecher Twins blew up their 14" SUP boards there before they loaded their boards onto the reacha lake together with paddle equipment and provisions.

Like all models from reacha, the reacha SPORT can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. Floko, one of the founders, demonstrates this in a five-minute video, how to assemble one reacha-bike trailer in a few minutes and also points out the special features of other models.

After it was set reacha up and packed, the trip to Vilsalpsee started. Manuel Stecher reported on the trip itself in the German Standup-Magazine, an industry portal that regularly publishes product tests, news and SUPs news, the following:
"Very gently and quietly, the reacha runs behind our wheels. Even a short crossing in the flat river bed between coarse gravel and scree the trailer can withstand. The first impression surprises us and we are glad that we don't have to carry the weight of our SUPS on our backs, but can enjoy the wonderful nature to the fullest".

Aufbruch mit Mountainbike und SUP in Tannheim

Wake-up book in Tannheim

The hand and bicycle trailers from reacha were developed precisely for this purpose. All models are especially used by outdoor sportsmen and women who want to transport their surfboards, kayaks and even SUPs to the nearest beach or lake by bicycle. Often already in "assembled" condition, so that one saves the tiresome air going in and out at the destination.

You can also add a lot of accessories and other equipment, because the reachamodels can be loaded with up to 30 kg (read more about the features here).

Mountainbike bike trailer loaded with SUPsThe reacha cuts a good figure off road as well

At the end of their excursion to the Vilsalpsee, of which the two adventurers have made the following video, the twins give us (or our reachatrailer, respectively) a benevolent testimony in it: "We had a wonderful day up here on the Vilsalpsee, we put the reacha trailer through its paces today. We are mega satisfied and impressed. But now it's time for the couch again." There is nothing more to add to that.

Except maybe: a big thank you to Mario and Manuel, for taking our reacha SPORT on their tour. We are pleased that it was able to live up to their expectations.

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