A while ago we published an article about Thomas Oschwald. At that time, he paddled and hiked from Geneva to Basel over three months with only his reacha SPORT and his SUP. In 2021 Thomas Oschwald was on the road again with the reacha SPORT. This time he went across Greece with his reacha bike trailer.

Initially on a family vacation, adventurer Thomas Oschwald not only spent time with his family, but also enjoyed his own little adventure with the reacha as a bicycle trailer on an e-bike exploring the coast of Crete. The reacha accompanied Thomas in his luggage on the flight to Crete, where it was assembled in just a few steps and simply mounted on the seat post of the rented e-bike using the Bike Connector. And you're ready to go. Thomas took us on tour and captured his journey in breathtaking pictures:

With the reacha to the southernmost point of Greece

Thomas Oschwald on his adventure in Greece

Oschwald about his adventure with the reacha

"While a bicycle was enough to keep my life moving when I was a kid, today I'm lucky if just an extra trailer, packed with commitments and appointments, is enough to keep me moving. To keep my "trailer of life" from overflowing, I regularly swap it out for a reacha and head out on a big or small adventure trip. "

To the southernmost point of crete

With an e-mountain bike and a reacha SPORT bike trailer, loaded with everything he needs for the adventure, Thomas Oschwald and his reacha set off on a four-hour journey to the southernmost point of Crete: Riding along stony coastal roads, steep switchbacks, and sometimes asphalt roads. Sometimes, however, there is no road at all, and Thomas Oschwald and his reacha head cross-country.

One of Oschwald's credos is to always take everything he needs with him on his tours - from start to finish. We at reacha are happy to be able to support him like that. This time the reacha bike trailer was loaded with camera equipment, food and camping equipment for emergencies. Traveling with the reacha bike trailer is not only practical and comfortable for Thomas Oschwald; thanks to our reacha SPORT bike trailer, he can also travel without a backpack. On his last adventure from Geneva to Basel, the reacha had to endure a lot more. At that time, the bike trailer was loaded with his SUP plus accessories, cameras, food, camping equipment and whatever else you need for such an adventure. As a handcart, the reacha can pull up to 60kg without any problems. Oschwald himself says to his faithful hand and bike trailer reacha SPORT:

"Everything I need for an adventure I take with me from start to finish. That's where the reacha is a huge helper. It's not just a trailer for me, but a piece of freedom and independence."
The reacha over serpentines

With the reacha SPORT through steep serpentines

Family-Time with the reacha

After the adventure, the reacha turns into a device for Thomas to make everyday family life more pleasant and the adventurer becomes a family man. He then takes his wife and son to the seaside for a few hours of swimming and building sandcastles. To do this, the reacha transforms within seconds from a companion for adventure into a pack mule for the family.

The bicycle trailer is fully loaded with everything a family with a toddler needs on the beach. Who wants to use the reacha even more modular can also replace the sports drawbar with a few simple steps with the short, handy CITY drawbar thanks to quick-release snaplocks.

The reacha is not only suitable for extreme athletes. The hand and bike trailers are also made for trips with the family. Thomas Oschwald showed us that the reacha SPORT is a true all-rounder. In the blink of an eye, the SUP bike trailer becomes a trailer for the whole family. Instead of SUPs or kayaks, the reacha is simply loaded with beach equipment, toys, towels and more; just everything a family needs for a day at the beach. On the road with your friends? The reacha's cargo area is just as big as a crate of beer, so it's easy to pull it to the lake or beach on your bike.

Time out with the family on the beach with reacha

The reacha bike trailer is also wonderful as a beach chair!

How do you actually get a reacha with SUP all the way to Greece?

The bike trailers from reacha can be packed very handy and lashed with the loading area made of textile (so-called trunk), so the reacha can also be checked in as luggage at the airport. If you want to take your SUP directly with you, we recommend the option from Thomas Oschwald:

"The reacha and SUP board fit easily into a kite bag, which is transported by the airline free of charge as sports luggage. A real piece of freedom and the key for many more adventures."
reacha bike trailer for trips

Short stop on the way to the southernmost point of Crete

The reacha is your bike trailer for every adventure

The reacha is as versatile as its customers. Whether over hill and dale, raging rivers or with beach toys to the Mediterranean Sea. With the reacha you are perfectly equipped for everything that may come!

Thomas Oschwald's dream is maybe someday to go around the island of Crete with his SUP and his family. We hope that this wish will come true and that we can support the Oschwald family on this and many other adventures.

If you can't get enough of Thomas Oschwald and his adventures, we recommend the article "With the SUP from Geneva to Basel".

Also, here are a few more breathtaking impressions of Thomas' adventure with the reacha.

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