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As a small company, we are often unable to respond immediately to customer enquiries. Especially in the low season from September to March, we are spread thin.

Please do us and yourself a favour and check here if you are perhaps not the first person to have had this question. 🙏🏼

If you still have questions, please contact us here.

As a small company, we are often unable to respond immediately to customer enquiries. Especially in the low season from September to March, we are spread thin.

Please do us and yourself a favour and check here if you are perhaps not the first person to have had this question. 🙏🏼

If you still have questions, please contact us here.

Important questions before buying

There are four reacha SPORT models: SPORT SHORT, SPORT LONG, SPORT XXL und SPORT PRO. Each model comes in different variants depending on the choice of wheel sets and load compartment.

You can get a good overview of the different reacha models on our bicycle trailer collection page, but here are the most important differences.

The frame:

All four SPORT models have the same frame, although there are differences in the width of the centre tubes. SHORT, LONG and PRO have the normal centre tubes. The PRO also has a reinforced drawbar mount. The XXL, on the other hand, has centre tubes that are 10 cm wider.

The drawbar:

We have three different drawbars: short, long and extra extra long - SHORT, LONG and XXL. The SPORT PRO also uses the LONG drawbar, but the drawbar mounts are reinforced to withstand higher loads in manual mode.

We also offer a WEBER drawbar as an accessory for all models, which enables connection to the rear wheel axle.

The tires:

We offer SHORT, LONG und XXL with three different wheel sets. The compact 20” tires are ideal for the road and has the smallest pack size. If you want to go faster on paved roads or when ground clearance is important, then the street 24” tires are recommended. Off road and in the sand, the beach 20” fat bike tires with stainless steel wheel bearings come into play.

The PRO, on the other hand, has particularly large 26" fat bike tires with stainless steel wheel bearings, so that it can be pulled through the sand even when heavily loaded.

The load area:

We offer all reacha models either with a textile trunk as a loading area [“trunk”] or with a platform as a loading area [“platform”].

The "trunk" is a textile bag that has open corners on the sides. With the help of the Velcro fasteners, it can be adjusted to the length and width of the frame. When disassembled, the trunk can be used as a carrying bag for the reacha. 

The “platform”, on the other hand, has a fixed width and is attached to the center rails of the frame. If the frame is set wider, a side loading bracket (“bow”) can be used to transport items such as a SUP board upright. In addition, the platform can optionally be expanded to form a box with side walls as accessories.

Connection to the bike:

Please note that all reacha models do not include a bicycle adapter. Many reacha customers use the SPORT, LONG, PRO and XXL models exclusively as hand trolleys and the correct coupling for the WEBER drawbar depends on the bicycle to which the trailer is to be attached.

SHORT, LONG, PRO und XXL can be connected to the bike's saddle pole with the so-called Bike Connector 2.0. This allows long items to be transported to protrude beyond the rear tire, giving you even more transport length.


SHORT, LONG und XXL come without any additional accessories apart from the frame, drawbar, possibly wheel set and loading area. With the PRO, on the other hand, two additional loading brackets with side walls are included in the price. 


For transport in the city and objects up to 1.5 meters, we recommend the SPORT SHORT.
SPORT LONG and SPORT PRO are designed for sports equipment up to a length of 4.5 meters. For particularly high loads in manual operation, we recommend the reacha PRO up to 80kg payload.
For everything beyond 4.5 meters (canoes, two-seaters, collapsible boats, fishing kayaks, etc.) the SPORT XXL comes into play.

The choice of the right wheel set and the right loading area depends heavily on your application and cannot be answered in general terms. On the product pages you will find further information to help you make the right decision.

If you would like to combine several advantages of the different models, have a look at our sets, the so-called reacha BUNDLE.

Please note that no reacha model includes a bicycle adapter in the scope of delivery. Because many reacha customers use the SPORT, CITY, PRO and XXL models exclusively as hand trucks. And with the reacha WEBER, the choice of the right Weber hitch is heavily dependent on the construction of the bike to which the trailer is to be attached. That's why Bike Connector 2.0 and the Weber trailer hitch type E are only available as an accessory or as part of a bundle deal.

For transport in the city and objects up to 1.8 meters, we recommend the SPORT SHORT or the reacha WEBER.
SPORT LONG and SPORT PRO, on the other hand, have been designed for sports equipment up to a length of 4.5 meters. For particularly high loads in manual operation, we recommend the SPORT PRO with a payload of up to 80 kg. The SPORT XXL is then used for everything beyond 4.5 meters (canoes, double-seaters, folding boats, fishing kayaks, etc.).
We also offer a WEBER drawbar for connection to the rear axle, which is compatible with all SPORT models.
All dimensions of the reacha models can be found in detail on our Product dimensions page.

The maximum internal width dimensions of our reacha models are as follows. They refer to the distance at the height of the wheel axle between two mounted Bow-Covers made of pre-consumer plastic. With mounted Bow Covers made of aluminium you have to subtract one centimetre on each side, as they slightly bulge inwards.

  • SPORT SHORT standard: 63,5cm
  • SPORT XXL: 85,5cm

You can find detailed dimension pictures here.

Please make sure that you comply with the applicable road traffic regulations in your country before using the trailer on the road.

When using the trolley as a bicycle trailer, the lighting must be retrofitted in accordance with the laws and traffic regulations of the country in which it is used. We also include four DIN-certified reflectors with mounting clamps with each Bike Connector.

When driving in the evening or in the dark or in tunnels, you may have to install a self-illuminating light.

No, reacha is not designed for transporting people.

reacha was primarily developed as a cargo trailer and not specifically for transporting animals. Of course, a container intended for the transport of animals, such as a dog crate or similar, can be transported on the reacha if it is sufficiently secured. Especially with the platform as a loading area, nothing should stand in the way of securing it. We recommend the dog crate from CADOCA.

Whether your dog crate or other container will fit on the reacha can be seen from the information about the dimensions on the product pages and our product dimensions page.

In the following video we show you the dog crate:

We offer "pay later" as a payment method with the help of the payment service provider Klarna.

In addition, we also offer payment by instalments via Klarna. In addition to this, customers in Germany can also finance their purchase by instalments via PayPal "Buy now, pay later".

Please note that we have neither insight nor influence on which customers Klarna and PayPal allow to finance and which customers do not. Whether you can use these payment options also depends on the country in which you are located.

You will see the final payment options available to you in the checkout after you have entered your delivery and billing address.

Please note the payment information sent by Klarna and PayPal, which will be sent to you by e-mail after the purchase. You can manage all your purchases via Klarna.com or the Klarna app and even pay with just one click. If there are any problems with the delivery, use the "Report a problem" function to pause the payment and avoid reminders.

"500-1000€ for some aluminum bars, some fabric and some rims!!!!", "After all, everything comes from China anyway! And they want so much money for that!", "It's a shame that a great product is spoiled by greed for money. Would be really great but the price defies description." "There are trailers for €120 on amazon."
Unfortunately, we hear such and some less qualified criticism again and again from people who come into contact with our advertising on social media, but do not bother to actually deal with reacha. 

Yes, our trailers are not cheap. And, no, not everything comes from China. reacha is not a product of industrial mass production!

The heart of our reacha, the frame, is handcrafted in small series in Upper Bavaria. The high-strength and coated aluminum tubes from Belgian production are given their final shape at our partner in the Rosenheim area using a special process. We also focus on innovation and sustainability with other materials instead of low prices. Be it our loading platform, made in our district town of Miesbach, from a CO2-binding wood material produced in Switzerland. Or for example our Bow cover from the Allgäu, which, thanks to recycled pre-consumer mono-plastic, can easily be reintroduced into the production cycle at the end of its life. We can now proudly say that 85% of reacha is produced in Europe. The last parts are then assembled here at Tegernsee, everything is checked, packed and shipped. 

As a small company, we developed reacha at our own risk and brought it to market maturity without a large investor or a large brand conglomerate in the background. The quality and longevity of the product and our responsibility towards people and nature were and are more important to us than pushing the price down to the lowest level. This is another reason why we give a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee and a 10-year spare parts guarantee. In addition, with quantities of less than 5,000 trailers per year, we have little influence on the prices of our producers. A company such as Thule with 50,000 to 100,000 trailers a year and owning entire production lines in China, can of course achieve very different manufacturing costs per unit than us.

It remains to say that reacha is more than just "aluminum poles, some fabric and a few rims". Let's start with the fact that we don't use poles, but tubes... Also, every year we get morecustomer testimonials to counter these comments on social media: "Well thought out, it is definitely worth the money.", "At first I was skeptical because the price was actually beyond my budget. Now I'm totally excited.", "The price is high, but absolutely justified. Best trailer I've had so far." and many more.

As an online retailer, we have put a lot of effort into our shop so that you can find the right reacha for you online. Should you wish to have a look at the reacha in real life, you will find a list of independent partners here where you can hopefully see the reacha in person.

Questions regarding ordering and shipping

As a transparent company, we made a conscious decision not to hide our packaging and shipping costs in the sales prices of the reacha models. In addition, given the size of our products, shipping not only costs a few euros and, depending on whether we ship domestically or internationally, varies greatly. Just the packaging for a reacha alone costs us around €5 because we have it produced locally and as sustainably as possible. We also attach great importance to the reliability of our shipping partner and do not work with cheap shipping providers. In addition, we ship carbon neutrally with DHL Go Green to further reduce our footprint.

You can find an overview of our shipping costshere.

Please note that the prices on our homepage are exclusive of shipping costs and possible customs duties. The shipping costs are only calculated in the shopping cart at checkout (last step before payment), depending on what you have ordered and whether we ship within or outside of Germany.

Our delivery times depend on the product that you order from us. You will therefore find information on the delivery time on the respective product page.

We use DHL Germany as our shipping service provider with its partners in the respective recipient country. DHL is one of the most reliable shipping companies in Europe. As a small company, we have no direct influence on the logistics of DHL. Therefore, we indicate the time we need to send the parcel on its way. In addition to this time, you have to add the transit time of the parcel with DHL. You can see the approximate transit times of DHL here: https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/pakete-versenden.html. Please note that certain periods of the year are very busy for DHL, e.g. Amazon PrimeDays, Black Friday or Christmas. It is possible that parcels may take a little longer to arrive than stated by DHL.

As a small company, we do not (yet) offer shipping to all countries outside of Europe. We therefore only accept billing and shipping addresses in EU countries, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We will endeavor to include other EU third countries and other continents in the future. 

However, we already had some customers from non-EU countries using border shops. There are different types of border shops. With some you can not only deposit the goods there, but even offer customs clearance and shipping to your own address in the "non-EU country".

Other customers have acquaintances/friends close to the border and have the parcels sent there and, on occasion, have the opportunity to bring them and clear customs personally.

After placing and paying for the order in our online shop, you will immediately receive an automatic email from our shop system. Please also check your spam folder.

At the beginning of your order you will receive an order confirmation by email without invoice. Your items will be assembled and packed at the next possible date in our warehouse. As soon as the reacha has been scanned at the DHL shipping centre, you will receive an email from our system with information on tracking the shipment with the DHL tracking number. In this dispatch email you will also find the download link to your invoice as a pdf file.To protect the environment, we do not print out invoices and packing slips and enclose them with your shipment.

As soon as our shipping partner DHL picks up your package from us and scans the shipping label in the distribution center, you will automatically receive an email from our system with the tracking number. From this moment you can track your package and, if available in your country, also control the delivery. We do our best to prepare the ordered goods for shipping as quickly as possible and to hand them over to our shipping partner DHL. Please understand that as a small company that has not outsourced shipping to large logistics centers like Amazon, we cannot offer the same shipping speeds as the big e-commerce players. However, you can be sure that everything has been double checked, setup and packed with love. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder to see whether our automatic notification has ended up there.

No problem: place another order directly online and write to us here. We will refund any additional shipping costs, provided that the original products have not yet been shipped and everything falls within the same shipping tier.

Unfortunately, we do not offer express shipments, because due to the size of our packages, we are not offered reasonable shipping costs by any shipping service provider.

We are based in Munich, but our warehouse is a little further away from Munich.
Logistically and also from an ecological point of view, it unfortunately makes no sense to transport individual reacha packages to our head office in Munich.

Pick up is therefore not possible.

Other questions about reacha and its accessories

Our reacha is not a product from industrial mass production!

The heart of our reacha, the frame, is handmade in small series in Upper Bavaria. The high-strength and anodised aluminium tubes from Belgian production are given their final shape by our partner in the Rosenheim area using a special process. Due to this deliberately chosen production sequence, there may be slight cloudiness of the coating or slight traces of processing on the surface of the tubes.

Further down the supply chain, we have decided on a storage and transport concept that is almost packaging-free. In the end, we were able to reduce the volume of plastic film by 90% and cardboard boxes by more than 50%.

We use the remaining packaging several times in rotation and are gradually switching to sustainably produced cardboard packaging. This conscious decision may also lead to slight surface damage.

It is important for us to point out that these aspects do not affect the function or durability of our product. More than 1000 satisfied customers are living proof. 

There is no better or worse answer to the question of whether to choose the trunk or platform as the loading surface for the reacha. Both have different advantages.


  • The trunk creates storage space underneath the frame.
  • When disassembled, the trunk holds the individual parts of the reacha together by folding the trunk around it and closing it with the Velcro fasteners.
  • The trunk weighs less (1040g) than the platform (2960g).
  • The trunk can be extended to the full width of the reacha, but the corners are not closed, so small parts should not be transported loose in the trunk as they could fall out.


  • The platform is a stable surface for transporting heavier objects with smaller dimensions than surfboards, e.g. beer crates, dog crates, etc.
  • The platform has recesses for fastening objects with lashing straps or expanders, and can be fitted with side walls to turn it into a transport crate so that even small items do not fall out.
  • Even with the platform, the reacha remains width-adjustable so that narrow objects such as a SUP can still be transported upright on the left and right.
  • The platform is made of special wood, so-called CDF (Compact Density Fibreboard) and is therefore suitable for outdoor use, i.e. it can withstand wind and weather.

En principe, nous proposons reacha avec trois jeux de roues différents :

  • Le pneu compact 20" est idéal pour la route et a le plus petit encombrement.
  • Si vous voulez aller plus vite sur les chemins stabilisés ou si la garde au sol est importante, nous vous recommandons le pneu street 24".
  • Et en dehors de la route et dans le sable, le beach 20" Fatbike avec roulement de roue en acier inoxydable est utilisé.

Le reacha PRO, quant à lui, est équipé de pneus Fatbike 26" particulièrement grands avec un roulement de roue en acier inoxydable, afin qu'il puisse être tiré à travers le sable même lorsqu'il est très chargé en bord de mer. Il existe en outre une variante dite d.i.y. qui ne contient pas de jeu de roues.

Dans l'image suivante, tu trouveras encore une fois une comparaison des caractéristiques et des avantages des différents jeux de roues :

The Multicharger will unfortunately not work with our Bike Connector as the luggage rack is very long, especially on these models.

If you're unsure, take a look at our article on e-bikes or write us.

Unfortunately no. Neither our Bike-Connector 2.0 nor the trailer couplings from Weber are approved for use with S-pedelecs or e-bikes with speeds over 25km/h.

The reacha is predominantly made of aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel screws. In addition, our fatbike wheels in 24" and 26" sizes have stainless steel ball bearings. However, at the sea, there is always spray and salt in the air. This causes stress on all surfaces. Aluminum oxidizes, and everything else suffers too. Only stainless steel is 'somewhat' resistant. Everything else corrodes quickly, even without direct contact with saltwater. After outdoor use, it is advisable to rinse and clean everything with fresh water. It is also helpful to grease particularly sensitive areas like the valves.

The SPORT SHORT, SPORT LONG und SPORT XXL models do not include a loading bracket in their scope of delivery. The SPORT PRO, on the other hand, already has two loading brackets with side panels.

The so-called bow is available as an accessory in the following configurations:

  • "Naked" - no padding or side panel is attached to the bow
  • “neo” - the bow comes with a neoprene cushioning to protect your cargo
  • “recycled” - the bow comes with a side wall made of recycled hard plastic that separates the loading area from the wheels
  • "alu" - the bow comes with an aluminum side panel that separates the loading area from the wheels

Staying true to the origin of reacha, it was important to us during development that old tires can be used in the wheel mounts. This makes it possible to upcycle old ones Front-Wheels with a hub width of 100mm, designed with a minimum diameter of 20" and a maximum diameter of 28". The width of the tires must not exceed 4.0" and is limited to 26" in "Fat tires". Unfortunately, it is not possible to use rear wheels.

You should plan about 5cm for the Velcro on the seat post.

Your seat post should have a minimum diameter of 272mm and a maximum diameter of 349mm.
We are currently working on a solution to enable the connection to thinner seat posts (especially telescopic seat posts). However, we cannot offer you a solution for this at the moment.

If the combination of a very low seat post clamp and luggage rack really doesn't work, you have to mount the Bike Connector under the saddle and then attach the second narrow loop to the saddle rods. However, this only works if the reacha is not loaded with the maximum weight.
Alternatively, you can combine a reacha frame with a Weber clutch in our BUILD YOUR OWN section, which can be mounted on the rear axle of your bike.

The fact that the reacha can be dismantled is a central feature of our device. That was the main reason to manufacture the reacha in this way and is a main reason for the purchase for many of our customers.

The two side parts of the main frame with the wheel mounts are firmly bolted and can only be opened with a special tool.

By routing a long cable lock through these frame parts and the wheels, which then connects to the bike or a tree/post, you can protect the reacha from casual thieves. Unfortunately, you will never be able to protect yourself from professionals who approach with bolt cutters, delivery vans or other heavy equipment.

We've been thinking about fitting mudguards to the reacha for a long time so that it doesn't splash so much when it rains. So far, however, we haven't found a satisfactory solution that would be affordable.
If you have an idea, please write to us. We are always grateful for suggestions on how we can make reacha even better.

Questions about the company

1.) Our “friends refer friends” program is explained quite simply. You will receive a 5% voucher from us that you can share with your friends. For each completed sale using your shared coupon, you will earn 5% commission.

In order for the commission for the sale to be attributed to you, your friend must enter the personal voucher code you received in the shopping cart at checkout. He/she will receive a 5% discount and you will be credited with 5% commission.

2.) You will receive your personal code to share with your friends after successful registration on our “Friends refer friends” platform: https://reacha.de/pages/reacha-family-refer-a-friend

3.) After registration, we ask you to confirm your e-mail address so that we know that the registration is about you. After your e-mail address has been confirmed, you will be given access to your personal affiliate portal. There you will find your personal voucher code to share with your friends. We also ask you to enter your payment information there. 

Unfortunately, we can currently only pay out the commission via Paypal. Alternatively, we can offer you a reacha online store voucher for the corresponding amount.

In your affiliate portal you will also find information about the products you have sold and how much commission you have earned with them. In addition, all relevant information on how the “Refer Friends” program works is stored there.

We use Secomap's UpPromote program for our affiliate portal, and the portal's URL is the same https://af.uppromote.com/reacha and the confirmation email will be forwarded by Secomap. So also check your spam folder if you haven't received an email after registering.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch hello@reacha.shop

Our founder Floko had the idea for the reacha, who then developed the reacha to series production with two engineers from Tegernsee (Stephan and Matthias). Good goods tegernsee GmbH was then founded for sales and Alex came on board as a further founder to set up the web shop. In 2018 Björn was added as an e-commerce expert. Today, Floko, Björn and Alex jointly hold the shares in the GmbH.

Great! We always feel like working with exciting people and sending reacha on adventures. Just get in touch with us.

Question about the assembly and proper loading of cargo

In the following video we show you how to assemble your reacha:

No tools are required to assemble or disassemble the reacha. When purchasing a bike connector (bicycle adapter), only an Allen key is required for initial assembly on the reacha handle. The Allen key is included in the scope of delivery. We show you the assembly steps in our assembly videos and our instructions.

Please note that no reacha model comes with a bicycle adapter. This is because many reacha customers use the SPORT SHORT, SPORT LONG, SPORT XXL and SPORT PRO models exclusively as hand trolleys.

They can be attached to the bike saddle with the so-called Bike Connector 2.0. This allows long items to extend beyond the rear tyre, thus gaining additional transport length.

In the following videos, we show you how the Bike Connector works and how it is mounted on the bicycle:

We'll show you how in the following video:

Each reacha already has the holders for the bow mounted. You can simply attach and remove the bow with the snap locks.
There are a few tricks for mounting the bow with aluminium sheets and for mounting the recycled bow cover, which we show you in the following videos:

This requires craftsmanship! Björn shows you exactly how it works in the following video:

Yes, if you equip the reacha with at least one lateral loading bracket (Bow). A maximum of two such lateral loading brackets can be attached to each reacha.

The advantage of fixing the sports equipment on the reacha upright is that the reacha remains in its minimum width and is therefore more relaxed to maneuver and move in traffic.

Björn shows you how this can be done easily and without much force in the following video:

In the following video Alex shows you how he transports his Wing Foil equipment on the reacha CITY and gives you further tips on how to transport your Wing Foil on the reacha bike trailers.

Wie recommend transporting your SUP upright on the reacha bicycle trailer.
In the following video we show you how its done:

The most important rule is that you always open all snap locks on the main frame and drawbar when you adjust the length or width.

We show you exactly how it works in the following video:


Micha vom reacha Team

Got questions before buying?

Our expert Micha will also be happy to help you