The right accessories for your reacha bike trailer

Properly secure equipment on the reacha

We offer accessories to transport your surfboard, SUP or kayak without risks on the reacha. To keep your inflatable or surfboard from getting scratched on the way to your favorite spot, we offer neoprene covers for the loading bars of the bike trailer.

Is one loading bow not enough for you? Thanks to the modular system of reacha bike trailers, you can increase the safety of transport by adding another BOW. So you can transport your SUP, surfboard or kayak with your cargo trailer to your favorite spot without any worries.

For maximum security, we offer straps specially designed for the reacha bike trailer! With the straps you can secure your kayak, surfboard, canoe or standup paddleboard on your bicycle trailer.

A modern bike trailer hitch for almost any bike

The Bike Connectors makes the reacha a real bike trailer! The innovative bike trailer coupling is attached to the saddle pole of any bike and you can start cycling with your reacha.

The Bike Connector is available in different lengths. The shorter version turns the reacha into a full-fledged cargo trailer for surfboards and SUP. The long Bike Connector is suitable as a coupling for the SPORT SHORT bike trailer.

The great thing about the trailer couplings? A clever plug-in mechanism allows the reacha to be detached from the bike in seconds. This turns the bike trailer into a SUP trolley or handcart. So even the last few meters to the beach are no problem.

The modular bicycle trailer

Due to the innovative snap locks of the reacha, the bicycle trailer can be converted into a cargo trailer in no time. The SHORT drawbar of the reacha can be exchanged for a LONG drawbar and vice versa.

Due to the modular construction of our transport trailer, the reacha offers a lot of possibilities. Whether as a bicycle trailer for shopping or as a transport trailer for SUP, surfboard or kayak. With the long drawbar even the transport of a canoe is possible.

The right tire for every occasion

Basically, there are three different wheel sets for the reacha bike trailer.
Agile 20" compact tires provide low weight and small pack size. With these tires your cargo trailer fits assembled in any trunk or caravan.
The larger 24" street tires for the cargo trailer are suitable to overcome long distances over asphalt with the bike.
The 20" beach tires make your reacha cargo trailer the perfect beach and off-road companion. Especially those who like to ride with the surfboard over sand should take a closer look at the beach tires for the reacha bike trailer!

No matter which tire you choose for the bike trailer, the tire has no effect on the maximum load except for a slight difference in ground clearance.

But if you want to make your scope even larger, you can find all other tire variants as accessories here.

Spare parts warranty

You need spare parts for your reacha transport trailer? If you break something on your wild adventures with the bike trailer for SUP and surfboard, we are there to help you out! We promise you a 10 year spare parts warranty for the reacha transport trailers!