Our width-adjustable main frame, with with normal (435mm) or wide centre tubes (535mm). The normal centre tubes (435mm) result in the minimum and maximum width of the SHORT, LONG and PRO. The x-wide centre tubes (535mm), on the other hand, correspond to the width range of the XXL.

Please note that the "SHORT" drawbar is only compatible with the normal frame width.

Choose a width

Parts inlcuded

1x reacha main frame standard o x-wide

Variant Weight
standard 2.966 kg
x-wide 3.042 kg

Which drawbar fits which frame?

Possible combinations

Frequently asked questions

Staying true to the origin of reacha, it was important to us during development that old tires can be used in the wheel mounts. This makes it possible to upcycle old ones Front-Wheels with a hub width of 100mm, designed with a minimum diameter of 20" and a maximum diameter of 28". The width of the tires must not exceed 4.0" and is limited to 26" in "Fat tires". Unfortunately, it is not possible to use rear wheels.

We recommend a maximum load of 35 kg when used as a bicycle trailer.